Values and mission



Studio Associato Lupi & Puppo

Given the complex legislation surrounding and affecting labour law, the gap between the employer and the employee often becomes an obscure void that needs to be filled.

Our mission is to fill this sometimes problematic and complex gap in the most effective way possible, helping companies to manage human resources, which plays a key role in company life now more than ever.

More than 50 years’ experience serving businesses

Our company was born from the joining of two former Genoese firms to create a recognised excellence in the field of Labour Consulting.

The practical and theoretical skills of leading labour consultancy professionals have combined to provide effective services first in Genoa, then in Liguria and Milan, and today throughout Italy.

We currently manage more than 1,000 client companies of different sizes, processing 20,000 payslips every month. Our extensive experience covers many sectors, including the maritime industry.


State-of-the-art programmes and software

We believe in innovation: we have adopted technology right from the start, testing numerous products on the market. Since 2016, we have chosen the structured portal of Zucchetti S.p.A. for all services dedicated to attendance management and employee communications.

We also provide hardware technology for the automatic recording of attendance by daily clocking in and out.


Departments with interconnecting vertical skills

Our team consists of more than 50 specialised and highly qualified professionals who can work independently or together with others in an agile and flexible way, depending on our clients’ needs.

We are able to provide integrated, tailor-made solutions for individual companies, thanks to:

  • our staff dedicated to consultancy
  • our staff dedicated to corporate communication
  • our staff dedicated to software management

Studio Lupi and Studio Puppo: the merging of two pioneers

Studio Associato Lupi & Puppo took shape in 1998 through meetings between the owners of the two separate companies over a year.

Between September and December of the same year, the new company started its operations in Genoa, at Via Martin Piaggio. At that time, it had about 50 employees and collaborators.


Why choose us?

We are among the top employment consultancy firms in Liguria in terms of number of offices, staff employed and clients served throughout Italy.

We know from experience that every company and start-up has its own unique needs when it comes to human resources management. Thanks to our corporate structure, we are able to put at your disposal a range of professionals able to work together to offer you secure and specialised solutions to resolve even the most complex and peculiar personnel management issues.

We have dedicated our professional vocation to labour law for over fifty years. Our firm is first and foremost built on the passion that the Lupi and Puppo families share with their partners.

We are all united by the same goal: to be the interlocutor par excellence for your company on all matters relating to labour consulting in Italy.

We believe it is essential to keep up with the regular changes that occur in such an ever-evolving and increasingly complex industry.

The fluidity of our operational structure allows us to ascertain the best and most advantageous solutions for your company or start-up across all administrative and management areas.

Renowned for our excellence in labour consultancy throughout Liguria, over time we have established new offices: Genoa city centre, Sestri Ponente, Albenga and Milan. Today, we continue to support increasing numbers of companies and start-ups throughout the rest of Italy in an agile way, using digital tools and our state-of-the-art management software.