Progetto sicurezza S.r.l.

The company collaborates with Progetto Sicurezza S.r.l, a company that specialises in occupational safety, environmental legislation on waste, discharges and emissions, ISO 9000/14000 quality systems and food hygiene, and the HACCP system.

Fondazione lavoro

The company is the regional office for Liguria of Fondazione Lavoro, the Employment Agency of the Italian National Council for Employment Consultants. We can therefore carry out intermediation, personnel search and selection activities, professional outplacement, and active labour policy management activities. The extensive reach of its network, the quality of its services, the completeness of its offer, and its knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises are the strengths of this Foundation, which represents the natural link between the needs of the business world and those of people seeking or wanting to change jobs.

Joblab Comsas STP

The company is also present on the Milan market through the company of professionals Joblab Comsas, which provides the same personnel administration services in a network that ensures a high standard of quality.


The company is the representative, for part of the province of Genoa, of Assindatcolf, a trade union association of domestic employers that is a signatory, together with Fidaldo, of the reference National Labour Collective Agreement regulating the employment relationship for domestic workers.


The company provides legal consulting in labour law matters for Confedilizia, the Italian confederation of building owners and the association of building owners in Genoa.